Saint Paul Catholic School


Saint Paul Catholic School shares in the educational mission of the Catholic Church in cooperation with families and parishes.  The Mission:  to provide a religious and academic education that prepares students to become members of family, Church and community.


Saint Paul Catholic School realizes the religious dimensions of education in a Catholic School, teaching the message revealed by God and proclaimed by the Church – building community structured by worship and prayer, fellowship in the Holy Spirit, and fostering service with both the Christian and entire community.


A faith-based school in a close, personal setting with a high standards for both education and personal growth.

The Goals and Mission of Saint Paul

Recognizing the fact that the parents are the primary educators of their children, St. Paul School is in operation for the purpose of cooperating with the parents in the spiritual and emotional development of their children as a basis for their intellectual, physical, social and cultural growth.

Realizing the importance of instilling spiritual values, religious instruction is not only included in the curriculum, but it is the aim of the school to create an atmosphere permeated with Christian love among the students and teachers. Since our goal is not merely to teach about Christ but to actually “teach Christ,” we are mindful of the necessity of revealing the human Christ to the students by our relationship with them.

A summary of our goals thus includes the following:

  • To teach the Christian message as a basis for a way of life;
  • To create an environment in which students develop a positive perception of themselves;
  • To aid students in accepting responsibility for their attitudes, behavior and learning;
  • To promote active participation in service of God, church, family, community and country;
  • To promote standards of Christian conduct;
  • To provide dynamic and meaningful learning experiences;
  • To develop respect for the dignity of every person.


Located only 13 minutes Northeast of Leitchfield, Kentucky, Saint Paul Catholic School has been focused on providing a strong education in small class room settings. 

Built on a foundation of Catholic Christian values, Saint Paul has been a leader in eduction in Grayson County since its founding in 1906. 


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